• Boomtown Orange & Blue Bucket Hat
  • Boomtown Orange & Blue Bucket Hat
  • Boomtown Orange & Blue Bucket Hat

    Boomtown Orange & Blue Bucket Hat

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    Introducing the Boomtown Reversible Bucket Hat: A Psychedelic Tribute to The Twin Trail

    Embrace the spirit of duality and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Boomtown with our Reversible Bucket Hat. Inspired by the theme of Twin Trail, this soft and stylish hat features a mesmerising psychedelic design in two different colours, each symbolising the harmony of opposites.

    On one side, you'll find this year's unique pattern design, digitally printed onto the 100% Cotton Canvas - a tropical kaleidoscope of colours. But, for those moments when you prefer a more of understated look, simply flip the hat to reveal the sleek, plain black side, adorned with a subtle yet distinct screen printed design.

    Crafted entirely by Boomtown for our Boomtown citizens, this hat is an embodiment of love, kindness, and respect that we hold dear within our community.

    Product Details:

    • Coral Pink & Aqua Blue
    • Material: 100% Cotton Canvas
    • All Over Pattern Side: Digitally printed with psychedelic design, featuring embroidered logo
    • Reversible Side: Screen printed logo
    • Gender-Neutral Style 

    Join us in celebrating the unity of contrasts with the Boomtown Reversible Bucket Hat.